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CEED Canada

Circular Environmental Education

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Who We Are

CEED (Circular Environmental EDucation) Canada is a not-for-profit environmental awareness organization. We provide tools and resources to help people recognize and reduce their impact on their local communities and ultimately the global environment.

Our onsite pop-up eco workshops for multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) and their tenants reinforce waste management and GHG emission reduction strategies that promote cost savings for multiple stakeholders.

We primarily work with low-income, racialized, communities in the social housing sector. In addition to the community, other partners include but are not limited to property managers, municipal leaders, funders, food security advocates, researchers, educators, and policymakers.

Inspired by Xiye Bastida, Indigenous Climate Activist

Climate awareness and action is not a movement, it's a culture of reciprocity. Aincient peoples cosmology is that we take care of the earth because the earth takes care of us”

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